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Congratulations, you just took your first step towards optimizing your bulk solids handling!

We're committed to meeting your bulk material needs on a personal level. 

Since you viewed our ad on, you probably are wondering what’s so special about us. How do we lend a hand with your bulk solids process? Here’s a short overview:

We are world leaders in bulk solids handling, processing, and storage technology. 

In 55 years, we’ve tested 13,000 unique materials and worked on more than 7,500 projects, giving our engineering team unrivaled hands-on experience.

We do not follow the "one size fits all" concept. 

Our unique combination of science/engineering/design capabilities offers maximum flexibility in selecting services required to meet your bulk material handling needs.

Bulk materials and their flow properties are at the core of our work. 

In our specialized, on-site laboratories, we test your solids and engineer equipment with a complete understanding of the material’s unique behavior.

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